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Our cannabis know-how and recruiting experience create tightly rolled, customized employment solutions cannabis operators count on.
Michael Gould

A Note from Higher
Growth Search

Welcome to Higher Growth Search. Like many others, our roots took hold with cannabis legalization, beginning in California and growing to other states. And like many others, our company has evolved to adapt to the rapidly changing environment that is cannabis.

Despite that evolution, our reason for being has not changed: we remain focused on helping cannabis employers across the industry build strong companies with the right people, systems, and alliances.

With our deep industry know-how and solid personal connections, we work with clients to fill a range of executive-level and direct hire roles. We’re here to help you meet your hiring challenges –just let us know what you need – we’d love to meet you.

Here’s to your growing business,

Michael Gould
Higher Growth Search

Committed to Excellence

Higher Growth Search is a dedicated cannabis staffing and consulting agency headquartered in California serving legal cannabis markets across the U.S.


Trust and reliability are critical to cannabis business success. At Higher Growth Search, we build trust and reliability by delivering service excellence in everything we do.

Mission: Focused on Possibilities

Our mission is to help legitimize the cannabis industry by giving businesses the right resources to find and retain the right candidates, manage and care for their employees, institute and maintain safe workplaces, and solve pressing challenges to inspire and expedite organizational growth.

Guiding Values


Excellence: We consistently deliver the highest quality services through our collaborative efforts and expertise.


Integrity: We are ethical and honest, even when it is difficult.


Empathy: We are compassionate people who build all relationships on a foundation of understanding and mutual respect.


Innovation: We are entrepreneurs who foster an environment of original thought and creative solutions.

Meet the Team

Joe Madigan_HGS
Joe Madigan
Joe Prusko
Joe Prusko
Melita Balestieri
Melita Balestieri
SVP Marketing &
Business Operations
Melanie Wise
Melanie Wise
VP of Human Resources
Kim Barragan
Kim Barragan
VP of Business Solutions
Craig Nelson
Craig Nelson
Chairman of the Board
Michael Gould
Michael Gould
Director, Executive Search

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