Published November 18, 2021

7 Tips for Hiring Seasonal Workers for Your Dispensary

​It’s holiday time in Cannabis Land. This means you might be looking to add a few brand ambassadors, budtenders, or sales associates to your team before the holiday crunch. Here are some great ways to staff up before all the gift-giving of cannabis-related goodies commences.


1. Offer Competitive Pay

Money talks or people walk. So show your workers some added green this holiday season. Even an increase of $1 an hour can be enough to attract and retain workers in this competitive cannabis business environment.


2. Provide Scheduling Flexibility

Be open to changing schedules and adding more hours to help accommodate your workforce. This will show your employees that you have their best interests in mind while giving you the ability to keep your staff at full force.


3. Use Training and Recognition

Give your seasonal workers something more than just money by including training courses in your employment offering. And when you add new members to your team, don’t forget to shout out those employees who’ve been there for you. Proper incentives and recognition can make a difference when pay rates are the same.


4. Get Staff Savvy

Create an easy, tech-savvy application process that’s quick, mobile-friendly, and clear on all the details. Then, follow up quickly when applications come in. And remember, if you need help fast, don’t go it alone. Partnering with a staffing company is a helpful strategy for employers who don’t have the time or resources to devote to recruiting new hires. 


5. Go Gaga for Ganja

Cannabis is an exciting commodity, so tap into people’s love of all things weed when you hire. Talk about new trends, offer product samples, and share in their enthusiasm – even if this all feels routine to you by now. Working in weed is a fun prospect for many people outside this industry. Use the industry’s attraction to your advantage.


6. Be Honest and Clear

Getting a new job is stressful. So help out candidates by having a clear job description, being transparent about perks, and listing all necessary experience up front. And be sure to consider applicants who do not have cannabis experience. Candidates who have good customer service experience or sales expertise can easily transition to dispensary roles. 


7. Know the Landscape

The labor market is shifting in the wake of a global pandemic, causing supply-chain issues and staffing shortages. If you’re aware of the environment you’re hiring in, you can adapt accordingly. Holiday hiring is competitive and you may have to get creative if you wish to hire, train, (and hopefully retain) the best talent available.

Just looking for part-time help? Here are a few other tips to keep in mind:

  • The better the benefits, the bigger the applicant pool.
  • If you can, always try to offer the opportunity to go full-time in the future.
  • Set the right parameters by stating a clear start date and end date.
  • Respond to ALL applicants, even if it is just acknowledging that their application has been received.

Need helping hands for your dispensary this holiday season? Contact the professionals at Higher Growth Search to see how our staffing services can help you hire the team you need.