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Alessandra Recht

  • Position: Business Development Manager

​California grown and an LA native, I proudly serve the cannabis industry as it stands today. I support clients in all facets of the industry - some at the beginning stages in planting their seeds, those who have a successful multi-layered business, and some who land in-between.

I am an inquisitive visionary who sees the big picture, and I genuinely enjoy listening to how I can support my client's future. When prospecting business and determining hiring strategies, I dig into the details and provide niche solutions. Building lasting partnerships with my clients through trust, transparency, and communication is what I love to do. Feel free to call or email me directly and I can do the same with you!

When I'm not reading industry headlines or expanding Higher Growth's business, you can find me on my yoga mat, hiking in the mountains, or paddle-boarding in the sea.