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we make the payments.

Higher Growth Search can solve the challenge of payroll administration for you by:

  • Handling the paperwork and payroll data

  • Ensuring accurate employee classification

  • Keeping track of deductions and withholding

  • Taking care of reimbursements

  • Cutting the checks

  • Providing health care benefits to your employees

All of which leads to lower compliance liability and better employee retention.

No matter if you are a large or small business, when you partner with us, you get experienced payroll management solutions and human resources services.

Some of our payroll services include:

  • Direct deposit

  • Workers' compensation

  • Human resources

  • Payroll tax

  • Online payroll

  • Pay stubs

  • Background checks

  • Benefits

  • Paperless payroll processing

  • Employee benefits

From performing background checks and ensuring you hire the right talent to provide workers’ compensation benefits to injured employees, computing employee data, and handling time and attendance and everything in between, we are the best HR and payroll solutions available to your business.

Higher Growth Search has helped businesses in California for the last 50 years with advanced payroll solutions. We keep planting the seeds of successful staffing solutions and workforce management so your business can keep growing strong.

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